Twelve String Brewing Company

I have been planning this new brewery for many years and finally all the stars and planets came into alignment. Our name came about after many names were suggested and rejected when I was sitting playing my twelve string guitar one day and said HEY! what do you think of Twelve String Brewing Company? It was an immediate hit. Our brewery will have an on site taproom where all of our beers will be available. And because we are also serious wine snobs we will be serving a great selection of local wines from our favorite wineries. Light snacks will be available with some special treats from time to time. We will also feature live acoustic music (maybe even me) from time to time on the Twelve String stage. The brewery itself features a 7 barrel steam heated brewing system that I have built completely from scratch. I have sourced much of the other equipment from other breweries that have expanded their operations and some from breweries that have closed. We have also acquired a lot of new equipment. This process has been challenging and very time consuming as there are many new breweries being built and a lot of competition for equipment.

Email us at: info@12stringbrewingco.com 


WOW! That's delicious!

- Andrew Gardner
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